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Since 2009, Celebration Computer Service has been helping it clients find solutions to their technological and web-based needs using their arsenal of tools. We strive to create a one of a kind customer service based business that leaves each client completely satisfied with their product, service or both. Are you a small business that needs a website that is mobile friendly and easy to update? Celebration Computer Service can handle that. Are you computer systems running slow or need an upgrade but you're not sure where to start? If so, Celebration Computer Service can handle that too. We have combined experience of over 40 years in the IT business and can assist you in solving your networking issues.

Our Complete List of Services

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CRM Application

For more information, please read our CRM application page.

Data Backup & Recovery

Every business despite their size has valuable data they need to keep secure and properly stored. Our team at Celebration Computer Service offers backup and data recovery services for small to medium business at an affordable price. Below details our data backup plans. For more information, please contact us directly.

BasicFor residential and business characters. Backup to 10GBs on one single computer.$9.95 per month
ServerFor company servers. Total price depends on needs of the business.$699 per year*

Equipment Recycling

Do you have old and unused computers, printers, monitors, video game consoles or any other electronic device you don't know what to do with? If so, let Celebration Computer Service recycle your old devices and clear up your cluttered guest room or garage. We recycle most electronic devices and accessories as long as they do not contain any hazerdous or toxic materials. Below are a list of items we accept and some that we do not. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Items We Recycle
Desktop & Laptop Computers
Android, Apple & Microsoft Tablets
Small home and business printers
Computer monitors
Mice, keyboards & accessories
Video game consoles
Items We Don't Recycle
Refrigerators, freezers & ice makers
Grills, ovens & stoves
Scrap metal of any kind
Toxic materials of any kind

Service Calls

Celebration Computer Service provides top-notch customer service to each and every one of our clients. Don't have time to bring your computer to us? Let one of our highly-trained technicians come to your home or business and diagnose your issue on site. If we can't fix your issue on location, we will glady take your system and correct any issues we find at our facility. If we are unable to resolve your computer's issue, there is no charge and your equipment will be returned.

What Does a Service Call Include?

Our standard service call includes asking questions concerning your computer or device, when the issue(s) first occured, how long the issue has persisted, what devices or software have been recently installed and what operating system the computer or device is currently running. Our technician will take detailed notes and make their best effort to resolve your system's issues through troubleshooting based on our customer's answers. We use the most powerful scanning tools to search for unwanted software including viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware that may have infected your computer. We also scan for hardware and software changes that can possibly affect the speed and performance of your computer and optimize them for the best performance possible. This may include installing the latest software updates or rolling back updates for optimal compatability.

Once your system is up and running, our service technician will clean your computer from the inside out. We take the time to make sure your computer is running properly by checking fans and other components for potential problems. It is our goal to provide this service for free after resolving your computer's initial issues. It is our desire to keep your computer and other devices working properly for as long as possible. If you would like to purchase a preventive maintenance package for your computer or device outside of a traditional service call you can do so by contacting one of our technician's for more information.

What Happens After a Service Call?

After your computer's issues have been resolved, you will be contacted your device is ready for pickup or delivery to your home or office. Payment will be obtained when picking up or dropping off your computer or device once services have been rendered. Celebration Computer Service accepts cash, check and major credit cards as acceptable methods of payment.

Once all equipment is returned and the problem is deemed as "resolved" by Celebration Computer Service, the customer has 30 calendar days to contact us if the problem returns or persists. During this time, no payment is required as long as the issue is clearly unresolved.

Celebration Computer Service accepts Visa™ as payment
Celebration Computer Service accepts Master Card™ as payment
Celebration Computer Service accepts American Express™ (AMEX) as payment

Web Design

At Celebration Computer Service, web and graphic design is our specialty. Since 2009 our web design team has been creating beautiful websites for our clients in and throughout the Central Florida area. Our team takes pride in our work and we are careful to provide the right result for each and every client. We provide custom and responsive design that is sure to wow your clients no matter what device they access your website from. Below are the basic details of our web design packages. For more information, please contact us.

To view our portfolio, please visit our clients and projects page.

Basic Web Design Package
Starting price is $500
A complete 5 page website using a template
Little or no customization of template
Client MUST provide graphics and text
Additional pages are $100 per page
Premium Web Design Package
Price of package varies depending on needs
Complete customization of template or creation of one
Client MUST provide graphics and text

Website Hosting

Do you already have a website, but need an affordable and secure place to host it? If so, Celebration Computer Service has you covered! We offer two different types of web hosting packages that can meet both your standards and needs. Take a look below for more information.

Basic PackageIncludes basic hosting of the client's website$9.95 per month
Premium PackageIncludes 1 hour per month of support at no additional charge
Anything beyond 1 hour is charged $85 per hour
Unused service hours do not rollover month to month
$24.95 per month

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